Houston Zoo

We walked to the nearby Houston Zoo. Very impressive! I’m sure our grandson Elon would have loved the reptiles, birds, fish and mammals in the second most visited zoo in the US.

Jellyfish. I was bitten a few times last week
Just like snorkelling accept I’m breathing
They must be fed well as there is no roof
The horns aid in body temperature regulation!
Saw a few of these in the Amazon last month
Giraffes are always graceful in their walk

Costa Rica Blues Festival

The 8th Annual Bluesfest was just down the beach from our hotel yesterday. What you would expect, a lot of people drinking, eating, dancing. 35c but they had a pool and the ocean is right there. The sunset walk home was also a highlight


The bands got better as the day progressed but we were sunned out before sundown

The walk home was beautiful

The prettiest lady on the beach!

Another great end to the day

Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

This little town down a 40km rough gravel road is worth the trip. We are staying in a small villa with kitchen and a nice pool, surrounded by lush landscaping, steps from the beach. The coast is dotted with beautiful beaches. Some are white sand, some are black and some are mixed. Four are within walking distance and often we are the only ones there. 35c everyday so we have a midday siesta(AC in our villa). Two weeks here and then home to Canada

The pool area from our patio

Beaches along the coast early in the day

White and black sand mixing in the waves

on Penca Beach

Nice ocean view mansion

Quite a contrast 2 doors down from the
Louise catching a sunset swim

Relaxing in Quito

We spent a few relaxing days in Quito. We are staying in the old city in a studio apt. Beautiful churches, museums and surrounded by mountains. Highs around 21c. With sun/cloud mix always here. Off to Costa Rica waiting for the weather to improve in Manitoba

The view out our apartment window

The view at night

Early morning walks always include

The Basílica del Voto Nacional is the largest

neo-Gothic church in the Américas

The inside details of the Church of

Saint Francis are incredible

Early morning rose hue from the stained glass

There are more than 20 of these huge

stained glass windows in the Basílica

We visited the equator of course

On either side of the line water

will swirl to the left or the right

Renting bikes is a great way to see the city

Had my curls cut off for $3.50


Today we bussed to the Quilotoa volcanic crater(4000m) with stops at the Saquisilí market, an indigenous house and an artisan market. We hiked down to the water, kayaked and hiked back up the 400 meters – very steep!

Beautiful fertile land on the way to the volcano

Most fruits are 1$ a dozen

You eat the tongue but it comes

Louise buying and eating herbs recommended

by our guide to treat cold symptoms

– smelled like sod to me

Here I am eating with the locals – very tasty

The roof on this hut is 50 years old and still good

In the hut there are guinea pigs, so cute

The view from the top of the volcano

is spectacular

Loose sand and gravel with a steep grade

make for quite a bit of sliding underfoot

We were told to watch for bubbles In the water

as this is an active volcano

Checking out the views down here

Louise working her way up the switchbacks

Buying from the artisan herself is a pleasure

Cotopaxi National Park

Today we bussed with a great group of international travellers for a hike to 5100m altitude followed by a high speed cycle down to the bottom! It was a blast!

Not so smooth, slow bus ride up from the valley

Wild horses all over left from when

people lived in the park

Still smiling despite the lack of air

A very steep climb indeed

Louise stopped here

Walking in the red lava

I continued up to 16732 ft because I just had to touch snow

45 minute high speed downhill ride

Many beautiful mountain flowers on the descent

Cycling the Route of the Waterfalls

We rented bikes and road to Puyo some 60 kms on the route of the waterfalls. They said it was all downhill- they lied! On and off pelting rain, 6 hours in total with a 1 hour hike in the middle to “The Devil’s Canyon”. Jumped on a bus to come back.

Louise cycled 1 km for every year

she has been alive

Quite a feat considering the massive hike yesterday

Devils Canyon, a steep hike in and out

Crawling on hands and knees to get to this spot

Waterfalls everywhere!

Great views all day long

The delta that joins up to the Amazon